Eliminate Ads and play background music on Youtube on your phone (Android Root/Non-Root)

One of the best features that android allows is installing of custom applications. The customization of the Android phones is what attracts its potential customers.

Officially Youtube does not allow you to play background music or eliminate ads unless you pay a subscription fees of about $10.00 AUD.

For Android users there is good news. Few of the developers on xda worked and created a modified version of Youtube called Youtube Vanced. This application not only eliminates Ads on all videos but also allows you to play background videos and music

This can installed from the official forum page on xda for non-rooted phones here is the link -:

For rooted phones here is the link -:

Please note that non-root version of the application will require additional app called Micro G which is required for you to sign in into application. Rooted application of Youtube Vanced does not require additional app.

Once installed you can change setting from option called Vanced settings

which will give you the following options -:

One of the feature that will allow to save data is setting the video setting to your preferred resolution and set it to lower resolution such as 114p if you are only listening to music

YouTube Vanced is a brilliantly modified application perfected through years by four main developers Razerman, Laura, ZaneZam and Kevinx8. Hopefully it will remain this exciting for a long time to come.

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