Guide to one of the good book or comics readers (Windows 10 – ePub/PDF/Mobi)

As there are many resources on internet to download and purchase E-Book but the main problem comes on Windows 10 is the lack of good book reader application. Most of the crowd just depends on default application such as Edge browser helps you read Epub format while Adobe Touch Reader from Microsoft Store or Acrobat Reader from Adobe website are often commonly used tools for PDF format apart from opening the pdf file in any browser.

If you are a person whole loves to read books on Windows PC or Surface tablets like me I would suggest you to use only one application SUMATRA PDF (download link below). The question is why it is better than other very limited selection of readers on Windows 10. Here are some of the features of SUMATRA reader.

  • Sumatra reads the various formats including (ePub, Mobi), XPS, DjVu, CHM, (Comic Book Formats (CBZ and CBR)).
  • It is very light, portable and fast
  • Opens multiple files at a time
  • It allows customization to the pages (explained below)
  • It allows to bookmark a page ( explained below)
  • Last but not least it has various viewing options such as Book Viewing, Continuous or Single page viewing.

Sumatra customization is only a little bit tricky as it is not embedded in the settings or GUI. For example I want to read a PDF with a lighter text and darker background I have to go through advance options as shown below

Advanced option to customize Sumatra

One I click that a notepad screen will appear with text show below

customization of Sumatra reading experience

Much of it is pretty self explanatory but the hash tags are the ones that you have to change for color changes. For example if I was to change to reddish background and white text I would type #45170E in the block saying FixedPageUI next to BackgroundColor changing it from #ffffff and change TextColor to #ffffff which will result in below after saving.

Similarly, you can change for ebooks by customising ebook section and or comic books. All you need is the HTML color picker and you can use this link for that –

Bookmarks are Sumatra are basically table of contents but if you want to save a page for example to read from the next day or the next time you need, you need to choose a different option called Favourites as shown below you add and remove and return to the page you left off. One limitation is you can use only one favourite or bookmark page at a time for one file.

Overall, it is a great application with all in one reader and with very few limitations. Many of the online books or pdf readers will find this very useful specially if the document or book is long and needs a little bit of customization with nifty features.


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